In this blog, we aim to address some common concerns that mature women may have about boudoir photography and highlight 4 very good reasons why every woman over 40 should have a boudoir photoshoot!

Today, we’re going to explore why our professional boudoir photography services may seem expensive at first glance, but it’s actually an affordable and worthwhile investment in your self-confidence.

After falling in love with Holly’s photos online, Miss T. booked a boudoir session and discovered the experience is even better in person!

Miss D. booked her boudoir session simply because she “wanted to be pampered and look pretty.”

After having kids and struggling to love her body, Miss M. wanted to do something to let her see herself as sexy.

Find out how a boudoir session with Holly Douglas & Co. helped Miss B. “re-embrace that inner sexiness!”

Having a boudoir session with Holly Douglas & Co. helped Miss K. feel more confident about her body at her age, which is “not in my 20’s anymore.”

Miss C. said that she wasn’t seeing herself in a positive light, but “knew Holly could bring that out in me.”

After turning 44, Miss J. said that having this boudoir experience reminded her that, “I still AM a sexy b*tch!!!”

Check out Miss L.’s boudoir testimonial to learn why she “needed Holly to capture what everyone else already saw.”