3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boudoir Outfits

Preparing for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot with Holly Douglas & Co. should be just as fun as the photoshoot itself! However, if you don’t typically wear lingerie, then choosing the perfect boudoir outfits might feel a bit overwhelming. There’s no need to stress, though! We are happy to share with you 3 tips for choosing the perfect boudoir outfits for your upcoming photoshoot!

Tip #1: Try on a variety of lingerie BEFORE your boudoir session.

Trying on any type of clothing can be a hassle and a pain. We totally get that. It’s also natural to assume that you know what styles will look good on you. So, trying things on may not always feel necessary. However, we strongly encourage all of our clients to try on several different styles of lingerie before choosing their boudoir outfits.

This plus size woman chose the perfect boudoir outfit - a green lace teddy - for her boudoir photoshoot with Holly Douglas & Co. in Nashville, TN.

Why You Should Try On a Variety of Lingerie Before Your Boudoir Session

  1. Different lingerie styles fit every body differently. Teddies, for example, are a very popular wardrobe option. However, just because you love the way teddies look on women in our boudoir galleries, that doesn’t mean you’ll love the way they fit you. For instance, if you have a long torso, your teddy could end up feeling like vaginal dental floss. If you have a short torso, the crotch of that bodysuit might hang down to your knees! Either scenario would be a terrible thing to discover on the day of your boudoir session. That is why it’s SO important to try on every boudoir outfit you plan to bring to your photoshoot beforehand.
  2. It’s easier to stay open-minded about different styles of lingerie when you can see their fit on your body. As stated before, it’s natural to assume that you already know what will or will not look good on you. However, if you keep an open mind and actually try on pieces that you normally wouldn’t, you may surprise yourself! What if that long, lace gown that looks “too conservative” on the hanger actually hugs your body in ALL the right places? 😉 If you never try it on, you could miss out on choosing the perfect boudoir outfit!

Where Can You Try On a Variety of Lingerie Before Your Boudoir Session?

Chestnut & Honey is a lingerie boutique owned by Holly Douglas & Co. in Gallatin, TN, and it is the perfect place to choose your boudoir outfits.

We’re happy to announce that it is now extremely convenient for women in the Nashville area to try on different styles of lingerie. Holly Douglas & Co. has recently opened Chestnut & Honey, a size-inclusive, fine lingerie boutique located in the very same building as Studio 110! Our store carries beautiful, high-end lingerie in sizes ranging from XXS – 7XL. Our selection includes sought-after designer brands, like Thistle and Spire, Kilo Brava, and Tallulah Love! In addition, our amazing, all-female staff at Chestnut & Honey are happy to help you choose the perfect boudoir outfits for YOUR body.

(Click below to see a quick tour of Chestnut & Honey from our TikTok page.)

This beautiful woman of color chose the perfect boudoir outfit for her boudoir session with Holly Douglas & Co. - a floral lingerie set with a garter belt and stockings.

Tip #2: Only choose boudoir outfits that make you feel GOOD about yourself.

You’d be surprised how often we hear, “I don’t like the way this outfit looks on me, but I brought it anyway.” Women sometimes make the mistake of choosing outfits they think they’re supposed to like. Or, they bring in lingerie that they used to like several years ago, when they first bought it. However, despite not liking the way it looks on them now, they think the outfit might somehow photograph better. After all, that’s what Photoshop is for, right? (“No” is the answer to that question, by the way.)

Well, what many women do not realize is that the way you feel about yourself absolutely translates in your boudoir photos. If you walk onto set wearing something that makes you feel unattractive, you’re not going to exude sensuality in your boudoir photos. On the other hand, if you strut out of the dressing room wearing something that makes you feel incredible, then you’re going to pose with confidence and look sexy AF!

Tip #3: A second opinion about your boudoir outfits can be very helpful.

Whether it’s from a trusted friend, family member, or a lingerie store employee, having a second opinion can give you a whole new perspective on your wardrobe choices. You might try on a piece of lingerie and think, “Oh, this is too low-cut.” But then your best friend sees you in it and exclaims, “OMG! Your boobs look AMAZING in that!” Sometimes, it takes another point of view to help nudge you outside of your comfort zone.

If you do not feel comfortable asking anyone else for a second opinion prior to your boudoir session, though, never fear! You can count on your professional boudoir photographer to give you her opinion on the day of your photoshoot. The Holly Douglas & Co. photography team are all experts at knowing how to make you look your very best in your boudoir photos. Therefore, if we feel that a certain outfit isn’t the most flattering for you, we will help you find a better option.

The Bottom Line (no pun intended)

Chestnut & Honey is a lingerie boutique owned by Holly Douglas & Co. where the women of Nashville can go to choose their perfect boudoir outfits.

Choosing the perfect boudoir outfits for your photoshoot doesn’t need to be stressful or overwhelming. In fact, it can be a really fun part of your overall boudoir experience! Just remember our 3 tips above, which can be translated into the following guidelines:

  1. Keep an open mind and try on a variety of lingerie styles BEFORE your photoshoot.
  2. If a certain outfit doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, do not bring it to the studio.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion when choosing your perfect boudoir outfits.

It really is as easy as that! We hope you enjoy preparing for your boudoir session with Holly Douglas & Co., and we can’t wait to see you in the studio!

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