5 Questions You May Be Afraid to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer

If you’ve recently booked a boudoir photoshoot at one of Holly Douglas & Co.’s luxury boudoir photography studios in Nashville, TN, you’ve probably already thought of some questions to ask your boudoir photographer. That is so important, so good for you! However, you may also have a handful of questions that you’d like to ask before the photoshoot, but they’re just a little embarrassing. Therefore, we thought we’d help you out by preemptively answering five questions you may be afraid to ask your boudoir photographer.

What if I’m on my period the day of my boudoir session?

What if I'm on my period the day of my boudoir session? A blog by Holly Douglas & Co boudoir studio in Nashville, TN.

Surprisingly, women often do not think about asking their boudoir photographer this particular question. Then, just days before the photoshoot, you realize you’re about to start your period! (It never fails, right?) Suddenly, you’re full of questions, like, “What if my cramps are killing me? Can the photographer edit out bloating and breakouts? What if my tampon string shows? What if I accidentally stain the sheets or furniture at the boudoir studio?!? Eeek! I’d die!”

Believe it or not, it’s actually quite common for women to be on their periods during their boudoir sessions. Sure, it’s a bit of a bummer for you because you’d obviously rather NOT be on your period. However, there is absolutely no need to reschedule your session. Being on your period will not negatively affect your boudoir photos in any way!

To fully answer this question, though, we’d like to offer the following:

Our Tips and Advice About Having Your Period on the Day of Your Boudoir Session

  1. We know this is rather obvious, but you should plan to wear a tampon during your boudoir session. It’s also a good idea to change into a fresh one at the start of the photoshoot. If you are worried about leakage at any point, your photographer will be more than happy to pause the session for a bathroom break. Remember, Holly Douglas & Co. are all female boudoir photographers, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed. We totally empathize!
  2. You may want to take a mild pain reliever, such as ibuprofen or Midol, the morning of your boudoir session. This can help ease any menstrual cramping during your photoshoot. However, please do NOT take anything stronger, such as prescribed muscle relaxers, before your session!
  3. There’s no need to worry if you have a small breakout or feel bloated on the day of your shoot. All of your purchased images will be professionally retouched. So, minor period-related issues will not be apparent in your fully edited boudoir photos.
  4. Please do not stress about whether or not your tampon string will show during the photoshoot. Listen, it happens. Your boudoir photographer is NOT going to find it shocking or “gross” if she notices a tampon string. She will either bring it to your attention so you can make an adjustment, or it can be edited out in post. It’s honestly not a big deal, so no worries!

Is it better for me to wax or shave “down there” before my boudoir session?

Questions to ask your boudoir photographer about waxing vs shaving, a boudoir blog by Holly Douglas & Co.

This may be a question you’ve felt shy about asking your boudoir photographer, but you may also want our “expert” opinion. Truthfully, though, we do not have a preference when it comes to waxing vs. shaving your bikini area. Either will do the job just fine! However, if you typically wax, we recommend that you do it 3-5 days prior to your boudoir session, just in case you experience any irritation or redness. (We recommend Katie Barker at WoodHouse Day Spa!)

If you prefer shaving, try to do so either the night before or the morning of your boudoir session appointment.

Our Tips and Advice for Preventing Bumps or Ingrown Hairs from Shaving:

  1. Prep the skin before shaving your bikini line by exfoliating with a wet washcloth or a scrub to remove any dead skin cells, which allows the razor blade to get closer to the skin.
  2. Use a good-quality shaving gel with moisturizing ingredients, like shea butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. Doing this will prevent the blade from abrading the skin and causing irritation.
  3. Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against it.
  4. Moisturize immediately after shaving and apply a calming serum if necessary, such as tea tree oil, which can help calm razor burn.

What if I am physically unable to do some of these boudoir poses?

Questions to ask your boudoir photographer about posing, a blog by Holly Douglas & Co. in Nashville, TN.

You should not be afraid to ask your boudoir photographer about posing limitations. It’s unrealistic to expect ALL women to be able to pose in the same way, because all bodies are different. Therefore, we promise your boudoir photographer is not going to be disappointed if you are physically unable to do a certain pose. In fact, we tailor all of our boudoir sessions specifically to each woman we photograph. So, if we ask you to get into a pose and you physically cannot do it, no worries! We have a TON of other sexy boudoir poses you can try.

Exactly how risqué will my boudoir photos be? 

Of all the questions to ask your boudoir photographer, you should definitely NOT be afraid to ask this one! Whenever we get this inquiry, it usually means that either the client doesn’t want her boudoir photos to look “too sexual,” or she wants to do some VERY provocative boudoir poses. Those are obviously two very different expectations! This is why it is important to ask your boudoir photographer this question before you book your session.

Questions to ask your boudoir photographer about boudoir photography vs erotic photography, a blog by Holly Douglas & Co.

If you are a little more reserved, you might be worried about getting naked or posing in ways that make you feel uncomfortable. While we are definitely here to help push you outside of your comfort zone a little, we are always very respectful of our clients’ comfort LIMITS. So, please do not hesitate to tell your boudoir photographer if you prefer more modest boudoir poses.

On the other hand, if you want a much more risqué photoshoot, this should also be discussed before booking the session, as there are limits to what we can do within the scope of boudoir photography. Erotica, however, is a completely separate genre of photography that might be more suitable for your needs. The difference between boudoir photography and erotic photography is that boudoir poses are usually more implied or suggestive rather than explicit in their approach to nudity and sexuality. Therefore, if you want explicit photos that include crotch shots and sex toys, for example, that would be considered erotica.

Holly Douglas & Co. are proud to offer erotic photography services; however, these sessions require a special consultation and are priced differently than a typical boudoir photoshoot. Please contact us for more details if this type of photoshoot interests you.

I have never liked any photos of myself. What if I don’t like my boudoir photos, either, and I offend my boudoir photographer?

Questions to ask your boudoir photographer about liking your boudoir photos, a blog by Holly Douglas & Co.

This is something you definitely do not need to worry about. In fact, whenever a woman tells us that she has never liked photos of herself, our only thought is, “Challenge accepted!”

We are confident you’re going to love your boudoir images because, well, we are excellent at what we do! (What can we say?) Our experienced female boudoir photographers are all experts at knowing the best lighting, angles, and boudoir poses that are going to be the most flattering for YOUR body type. Our number one goal is for you to look your absolute best in your boudoir photos!

Questions to ask your boudoir photographer about being nervous for your photoshoot, a blog by Holly Douglas & Co.

Furthermore, a boudoir photoshoot is actually a LOT more fun than many women expect when they first book their sessions! So, no need to worry about looking scared or tense in your photos. The majority of women arrive at our studios feeling nervous about what they’re about to do. However, as you’re being pampered with hair and makeup and have the opportunity to chat with your photographer, those nerves will start to subside. Then, as soon as you slip into that first boudoir outfit, you’ll be surprised by how sexy you actually start to feel. And that’s when the fun REALLY begins!

During the photoshoot, you can expect to hear good music pumping, lots of laughing, and your boudoir photographer will be your personal hype girl the entire time! In other words, it’s hard to stay nervous when you’re experiencing such an uplifting confidence boost during your photoshoot!

Now that we’ve answered five questions you may have been afraid to ask your boudoir photographer, we hope you’re feeling even more excited about your upcoming boudoir session! Furthermore, you really shouldn’t be afraid to ask your boudoir photographer ANY questions. We want you to feel 100% comfortable and know exactly what to expect from your boudoir experience with Holly Douglas & Co.

So, please, ask away!

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