A Boudoir Session is About Who You Are Now

No matter your size, age, shape, color & gender – you are beautiful. Always have been and always will be. This is why doing a boudoir session at any time of your life helps you embrace your body.

How a Boudoir Session Can Help You Grow

Push it real good!

Yes, a boudoir session can be about pushing your limits – boudoir sessions have a way of helping you push your limits and see yourself differently. They help you embrace the body you have now and love how it looks in photos.

This can be especially important if you’re fighting the demons, so many of us face. Body dysmorphia, weight-loss culture, and traumatic life events find many women looking for something to help empower them rather than tell them what they “should” look like.

The Connection Between Boudoir & Emotion

Over the past few pandemic years, our bodies and self-worth have taken a hit.

Boudoir portraits are about so much more than baring your body. They are about baring your soul. The connection between boudoir and emotion is strong, powerful & emotional. We believe that everyone should have a  reminder to themselves of the beauty they have inside as well as out.

Self-care isn’t just about pedicures and lattes…it’s about caring for the emotional well-being of your soul.

There is No Perfect Body Type For Boudoir

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a size 6 or 16; boudoir is about so much more than your number on the scale. Boudoir is about baring your soul and baring a body that has gone through a multitude of changes.

A boudoir session is about embracing who you are, both inside & out. It’s an opportunity to celebrate all you have been through, at any age or size. A boudoir session can be a powerful self-affirmation reminder of what you can do and who you are.

We Have Seen Woman Healed After a Boudoir Session

Yes, in some cases, the boudoir session is emotional. It’s cathartic for some when they finally allow their body to feel. But you should know that this is a safe space. We are here for you, we understand, and everything that happens in these studio walls is kept here unless you want to share the experience.

It’s kind of like Fight Club, but a hell of a lot sexier!

What Questions Do You Have About a Boudoir Session?

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. If you’re curious about a boudoir session but not sure if it’s the right time for you, get in touch. We’re happy to tell you more about the process, to show you our gorgeous, private studio in Nashville, and to talk through what your hopes and fears are about your own boudoir session.

Get in touch…it’s free to chat. Give us a ring at 615.282.6693 or send us an email at info@hollydouglasphotography.com.

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