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Your Boudoir Session Doesn’t Have to Either

There are many joys, your wedding, the birth of a child, which only happens once in a lifetime. A boudoir session, while creating timeless portraits you will cherish, is most definitely NOT a ‘once in a lifetime’ event. This is a lie which society tells us, especially women, that you’re only allowed to be beautiful or special on important days like Prom night, which only happens once. The truth is that you don’t need society or traditions permission to do something significant for yourself, and you should absolutely do it more than once.

Perhaps one of the greatest parts of Holly Douglas Boudoir sessions is how many our clients come back again and again, and a fantastic bond is formed. We get the opportunity to get to know a woman, follow her journey of personal growth. Each session can build upon the last. Perhaps your first run felt a bit shy, but a few sessions later, your inhibitions have been replaced by bold confidence. It might sound cliché, but the truth is that once a woman sees her own organic beauty, it changes her forever. She quickly learns to own her space, celebrate her body, and self-confidence replaces self-doubts.

You don’t ‘outgrow’ boudoir sessions. Your exquisiteness does not have an expiration date. Documenting the youthful exuberance of your 20s is just as important as capturing the curves and wisdom of your 50s. Every chapter of your story is as important as the ones who come before and after, and each is gorgeous in their own way. We need to feel beautiful at every age, and we are experts at posing your body in creative ways, which highlight every last stunning inch of you.

Your boudoir session is more than just fantastic portraiture; it’s an investment in self-care. We have a professional hair and make-up team who create a comfortable space for you to relax in. An almost endless supply of all things satin, sassy, and sexy for you to choose from, and the pampering doesn’t end with your session.

We even provide a massage while your photos are edited. When we say that we are totally focused on you and your experience, we don’t exaggerate because we’re women too, and we know just how important it is to take this time out for yourself.

In the end, together, we can create a timeline of your beauty. A collection of stunning portraits which share the story of who you are from recent college grad to the fresh mommy tummy, and the laugh lines born of a life rich in experience, and love.

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