Booking a boudoir experience is a *big deal*.

Can I tell you something?

Booking a boudoir experience is a *big deal*. Every single time one of you says “YES!” to yourself and this experience, I am reminded of this. It is so BRAVE to step outside of that oh-so-safe comfort zone, to stand in front of a stranger (with a camera–the same one you’ve spent your life trying to avoid!) to do this.

But ya know what? This experience is nothing like you are thinking. When most women think of boudoir, they think of things like: -‘Sounds fun, maybe when I lose 10, 50, 100 lbs.’

-‘Oh hell no, I’m not rolling around in my underwear for a perfect stranger–another woman no less!’ -‘I don’t even let my husband see me in the light! No way, not for me!’

-‘I have no idea how to pose or be sexy. Pretty sure I don’t have a sexy bone in my body.’

-‘All of the other women in these images look fantastic, but I don’t look like them. No WAY she could make my butt look good.’

Sister, I’ve heard it ALL and it’s totally normal to feel like boudoir is a scary thing that would be impossible for you to enjoy or experience. BUT–99% of the fears that are holding you back are MISCONCEPTIONS. You don’t need to change, you don’t need to know how to pose for the images, and you ABSOLUTELY CAN pull off images just like this. There is POWER in my posing/lighting knowledge–it’s why I SPECIALIZE in this very specific, highly niché genre of photography. Posing women is what I am FANTASTIC at (unlike painting, cooking, or twerking).

Around here, we celebrate the fact that we are imperfect just like you. We welcome your mess, and we will unpack ours too. No matter what part of this experience you are afraid of–you are totally ready for this experience right now, just as you are.

You can spend five minutes being TERRIFIED as you book your shoot, or spend the rest of your life kicking yourself that you didn’t do it. What’s it gonna be?

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