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I was always the too skinny girl, the girl that was too muscular, even said to have a boyish figure. I fell in love with Sophia, Rita, Dorothy, Bettie, and of course the one and only Marilyn years ago. It was a moment in time where glamour ruled and I wanted to know how to get a piece of that pie. 

People may say you don’t have self respect posing half naked. I say it gives you all the respect and all the power. I say it makes you appreciate what is special about you. Personally, boudoir makes me love the way I was made. To be able to make someone feel like a million bucks is priceless. I think that’s why every woman should do at least one boudoir photoshoot in her life no matter your shape or size. 

Boudoir isn’t about being a certain shape or size. It’s about elegantly embracing your curves. Learning how to pose boudoir teaches you to be aware of your body, and to get to know your body rather than run from it. I stood in the mirror for hours and hours figuring out what pose makes me look good and what pose should just be tucked away. 

Hair and makeup with boudoir is about understanding glamour. You make your hair look soft and regal while your makeup can be inviting and romantic or daring with a bit of edge. Heels in boudoir are your super powers, no matter your height. They make you stand taller and stick your chest and booty out.

Now, your back will be killing you after, but all of a sudden you feel a sense of empowerment from within.  The sex appeal you gain from a shoot is like fairy dust. All of a sudden you feel like you can seduce life a mile away. Seduction in its purest form is a tool we all need in everyday life.
That raw confidence can take you far.

Finally, the images you receive back, show you a different person. It looks like you, but holy crap, better! It’s not all the extras, but the sense of feeling sexy for yourself and no one else overcomes you for the first time when you do a true boudoir shoot. Boudoir is important to be because it’s made me, well, me.

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