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Our studio is a place of wonder and beauty where fantasies come alive, and boundaries are pushed. For some clients, this looks like some peek-a-boo portraits with robes or fans. For others who wish to embrace their innermost fantasy that includes BDSM. We work hard to ensure that our studio is a safe space for clients to play and explore.

At its core, BDSM is about an exchange of power, and one common misconception is about who truly has the power in the dynamic. The reality is that the control belongs to the submissive, who freely, openly, and boldly gives their permission for someone to take on a more dominant role. Sometimes it’s good to be a little less vanilla and liberate those secret longings and engage in a BDSM inspired boudoir session.

Sessions can be as creative as you are comfortable with. Suggestions of bondage, hints of roleplay, wax play, or impact play/spanking can be artfully captured. Entering a subspace where you express your inner desires in an empowered and creative way is a truly unique experience allowing you to get in touch with your darkest desires in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Whether BDSM is already a lifestyle you enjoy or is simply a dark fantasy, we have lots of props specific to creating images that capture this dynamic in inspired ways. From whips, collars, leashes, harnesses, and floggers to items for use in hot and cold play, dripping candles, blindfolds, handcuffs, spreader bars, or face masks, our studio has a vast collection of BDSM playthings. Sessions can vary between role-play scenes or even edgeplay.

Couples who already enjoy a sub/dom dynamic love having their connection creatively and beautifully captured. However, you don’t need to be experienced in roleplay scenes; we are experienced in tastefully and respectfully walking clients through posing and prop use to create the image they have been dreaming of. In both cases, couples have later told us that their BDSM Boudoir Session increased their intimacy and helped their relationship grow.

There is an element of communication and trust, which is often unique to couples who are enjoying a BDSM, or kink, lifestyle. The most important part of dominance and submission is the practice of being totally in tune with your partners’ needs and maintaining clear communication. It represents a unique and exciting opportunity to use this connectivity to create inspired, sensual portraits.

Our Holly Douglas BDSM Boudoir Sessions are so unique that they must be pre-purchased with a collection, and they are not offered as a standalone session. The keys to our dark set, including our large BDSM prop library, are only given as part of a pre-purchased collection, and they are absolutely worth it. Whether you are coming in on your own terms to create sensual submissive portraits for yourself or someone else to enjoy, or you and your partner would like your dynamic stunningly captured, our BDSM sessions are an ideal, safe space to explore and engage in these practices.

To book your own private session with our studio just fill out our contact form here. We can’t wait to have you!

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