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Couples Boudoir. Is that a thing? I get asked this question at least once per week. And YES! It is absolutely a thing!!!!

So lets talk a little bit about Nashville Couples Boudoir, shall we?  Here are a few of the questions that I get asked the most.

We LOVE couples boudoir. Come refuel your attraction to each other!

What do we wear?

Honestly, this question gets asked for all my Nashville boudoir sessions. And the answer is the same for couples boudoir as it is for regular boudoir. It depends on your body type and your comfort level. Your session fee includes a styling consultation. So once you are on my calendar we will go over your body type and what will look best on you and your significant other! I always suggest having 3-5 outfits for your Nashville Boudoir session but that can be a combination of items you bring or pieces I have here in the studio.

Do you take pictures of us actually doing it?

Ummmm, No. I know you feel totally sexy when you are getting in on but lets face it, most of us look like two sweat hogs banging against each other when we are actually in the moment. Not that sexy, huh. The MAJORITY of the couples sessions that I shoot the guy leaves his underwear on the whole time. The goal of your session if to capture the chemistry between you two. To take some gorgeous photos you will want to hang in your bedroom and then have some racier, hawt ones for your eyes only.

What happens if he gets aroused?

Totally understandable concern. However, it has yet to happen. Even though the outcome of the photos we will take will be SUPER sexy and steamy, while we are taking them, it is actually not very sexy at all. The poses typically feel super awkward and I will be counting saying ok 1,2, 3, now breathe out plus there’s the fact that I have a camera in your face! BUT if it ever does become a concern, we will just take a break for a bit until things calm down, then get back to work!

Are my photos private or are you going to share them all over the interwebs?

That is completely up to you. All of my clients have the option to sign a model release giving me permission to share their photos. That can be one photo, a few of your choosing or you can not sign the release, making them 100% private and the only ones who view your photos are you and I. You choose 🙂

Here are a few Q and A’s from the lovely couple I will share photos of from their session.

What were you nervous about going into your session?
“Being naked in front of someone I barely knew”

What was your favorite part of this experience?
“Holly is so personable and had my boyfriend and I laughing the whole time! She makes you feel very comfortable”

How do you feel now that you have completed your session?   
“I feel awesome and my pictures are amazing!!”

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