Flattering Boudoir Poses Our Plus Size Clients LOVE!

So often, we find that plus size women are hesitant to book a boudoir session because they are intimidated by the poses in our portfolio or our Instagram. They’re afraid that what they perceive to be their “problem areas” will be the focal point of every boudoir photo. However, that could not be further from the truth! In fact, many of our boudoir poses actually minimize those areas while emphasizing your other…ahem…assets. 😉 So, today we’re going to discuss four flattering boudoir poses that our plus size clients LOVE for this very reason.

The “Knee-Sit” Boudoir Pose

Plus size woman of color in a flattering "knee-sit" boudoir pose during a boudoir photoshoot with Holly Douglas & Co. in Nashville, TN.

We love photographing this flattering boudoir pose for ALL body types, but especially our plus size clients. It’s so versatile! When photographed from behind, we’re able to capture some amazing booty shots. In addition, photographing this pose from above is a great way to highlight some bangin’ cleavage!

To do this pose, simply get up on your knees on a bed, floor, sofa or chair. Slightly spread your knees apart, keeping the tops of your feet laying down flat (not propped up on your toes). Then, arch your back as you lower your booty down towards your feet. This will naturally make your booty “pop!” With your hands, you can either hold onto the piece of furniture, play in your hair, tug on your wardrobe, or even rest them on your thighs.

It should be noted that this pose might be challenging or impossible for some women to do. Therefore, if you have difficulty sitting on your knees, please let your photographer know. We have TONS of other great poses you can try!

The “Sofa Swoon” Boudoir Pose

Woman wearing lingerie in a flattering boudoir sofa pose at Holly Douglas & Co. boudoir photography studio in Nashville, TN.

We love this flattering boudoir pose for plus size women is because it doesn’t “hide” the stomach area. Rather, it lengthens and elongates the body! Not only that, but it’s one of our easier boudoir poses.

For this boudoir pose, start by lying on your back with your head resting on the arm of the sofa. Both of your feet will be on the sofa, as well, with your knees bent. Stagger your feet so that one knee is bent more than the other, and point your toes. Then, arch your back by pushing your chest and chin up towards the ceiling. (Be sure to keep your booty down on the sofa.) Your hands can either go up into your hair, tug on your lingerie, or even hug your torso.

The “Crawling” Boudoir Pose

This next pose definitely gives off major “sex kitten” vibes! Our plus size clients especially love this flattering boudoir pose because the focus is much more on the booty than the tummy. 😉

Woman wearing lingerie in a crawling boudoir pose at Holly Douglas & Co. boudoir photography studio in Nashville, TN.

There are two main variations of the “Crawling” boudoir pose:

Crawling on a Flat Surface

Start by getting on all fours. Bring one of your knees slightly more forward than the other knee, and keep the tops of your feet down flat. (Not up on your toes.) Now, the key to making this position look really sexy is dropping your lower back down towards the floor as much as possible. This creates a nice dip in your lower back, while simultaneously pushing your chest and booty out. Stagger your hands beneath you so that one is more forward than the other. Another option is to do this pose on the floor in front of a bed, sofa, or chair, and place both of your elbows on the furniture in front of you. (Or, you can be on a bed or sofa and place your elbows on the headboard or arm of the couch.) Then, reach back and grab into your hair.

Crawling Onto Furniture

Start by standing in front of the bed, sofa, or chair. Lean forward to hold onto the back of the sofa or chair, or bend over to place both of your hands down onto the bed. Then, bend one knee and place it up on the bed or the seat in front of you. Lift the heel of the foot that is still touching the floor, and point your toes on your other foot. Arch your lower back as much as possible to make your booty “pop!” If you are able to balance, you could then use one or both of your hands to play in your hair, tug on wardrobe, or even rest on your booty.

Woman posing nude in a flattering plus size boudoir pose at Holly Douglas & Co. boudoir photography studio in Nashville, TN.

The “Bravery Blanket” Boudoir Pose

This flattering boudoir pose is aptly named for its ability to help our plus size clients (actually, most of our clients) take a bold step outside of their comfort zones to pose in the nude! After all, many women feel more comfortable posing nude if their mid-section can stay under a sheet or blanket. Don’t get it twisted, though! These “Bravery Blanket” poses are anything but modest! In fact, they can be some of our most seductive boudoir poses. 😉

“Bravery Blanket” Pose Variations

There are several different ways in which you can pose with a “Bravery Blanket.” You can wrap it around yourself, or simply drape it across your body if you’re lying down. However, the spiciest option is to keep your back exposed and simply hold the blanket against the front of your body. Then, strike your favorite boudoir pose while holding onto the blanket. The key is to keep as much of your skin exposed as possible (within your comfort limits, of course).

For example, while lying on your bare back, sitting down, or leaning against a wall, bring the “Bravery Blanket” up between your legs, keeping your legs exposed and your knees bent. Then, hold the blanket against your chest while using your other hand to play in your hair or run down your body. (Pro tip: The more hips, waist, and side-boob you can keep exposed, the hotter these boudoir poses look!)


The professional boudoir photography team of Holly Douglas & Co. take pride in the fact that we do not believe in posing plus size women any differently than petite women. Therefore, we do not consider the poses discussed here today to be “flattering plus size boudoir poses.” They are, however, four boudoir poses that our plus size clients love because they are so flattering!

If you are a plus size woman who has been on the fence about booking a boudoir photoshoot, we hope we’ve helped you feel more confident by showing you how doable these sexy boudoir poses are. (And these four poses are just the tip of the iceberg!) There is absolutely no reason for you, or anyone else, to be intimidated by posing. We’ve got you, girl!

Now, let’s celebrate those curves!

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