Holly Douglas Boudoir: Where It Rains Sexy | Nashville Boudoir

Water. It’s one of those things we often don’t think about much.

It’s always around us, in the air, in our sink, and for the most part, unless it’s coming at us in the form of a tsunami, water isn’t something we spend a ton of time thinking about. 

But water is a transformative property. It cools us down, it replenishes us. Who among us doesn’t find themselves thinking about the relaxing shower they are going to take? We know that our shower is a place where we can turn up the music and just let the water pressure massage away the stress of the day. This is why we’re super stoked about our newest boudoir set. 

Our Nashville studio is home to several new sets, but our shower scene is a moment of creative genius. The shower is a place where being naked is not just normal, it’s expected. It’s a comfortable place to bare it all and let go of your worries, your inhibitions, and just relax. For some people being naked in the shower feels more natural than in a bedroom. 

Shooting in water evokes emotions. It’s raw and real and sexy as it drips down and over your curves. Throughout our new studio space, we’ve been loving exploring the new ambient lighting options, and in our shower scene, the gritty realness is something we’re super excited to experiment with. 

Just as with every space clients can choose from, using our new boudoir shower scene also looks just as sexy if you’d feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit, if going au natural isn’t your vibe. A super high cut two-piece or a bikini with ties on the side both offer some great options for posing and teasing the camera. A patterned one-piece that hugs those curves while the water rains down: about as hot as it gets, mama. 

Being adaptive is something we pride ourselves on, so if a bathing suit or baring it all still doesn’t appeal, what about a nice white t-shirt? Pulled down in just the right, discreet places, while the water pours over you if it’s the stuff your 1980s Flashdance dreams were made of: we got you! 

Water is also a healing property. Maybe the past year has been a tough one. Maybe you are leaving behind some old connections or relationships and you’re wanting to document washing away the past and emerging fresh, clean, and new while celebrating the boss babe space you hold. Our boudoir shower scene is a great segue to a fluffy robe or sexy teddy on our sultry divan. Your boudoir session is your story, and we love the challenge of capturing it for you in a way that leaves you feeling gorgeous and empowered. 

Our professional hair and make-up team are at the ready with waterproof solutions to ensure that you look as amazing as you feel. Our entire goal is to create a space where you feel pampered, supported, and ready to embrace a new adventure. Of course, we’re always down to hear what inspires you, what excites you, or new ideas of your session so give us a call when you’re ready, we can’t wait to get boudoir inspired with you.

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