Lean on Me: The Power of Friendship Nashville Boudoir Photography

In case you didn’t know, Friendsgiving is right around the corner, and good times with your crew are exactly the kind of stuff we live for around here. Of course, I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most amazing, creative people I know, who are amazing friends. Still, those relationships and connections grew from the understanding that surrounding yourself with good people leads to good things, good times, and good vibes.

A boudoir session is so much more than just an afternoon of amazing portrait creating; it’s also the fun of pre-planning. Having people in your corner who see your worth, are inspired by your growth, and are always there to help you embrace adventure can be such a crucial part of finding your happiness.

We all need that person in our lives who supports us and has been with us through thick and thin. You know the person. She’s your ride-or-die, the one who would help you bury the body if necessary. If you’re feeling a bit worried or insecure about your upcoming session, NOW is the time you need to make that call (text, whatever) to that friend and tell her what you are feeling!

Friends can be an emotional safety net when we’re getting ready to take big leaps, so if you’ve never had the freeing experience of a boudoir session and are a bit nervy about it; a shopping trip for some killer lingerie or a girls night in could with a few glasses of wine and a Rom-Com can be exactly what you need.

Here at the studio, that’s honestly one of the essential parts of what we do; we are like your BFF who is here for you. Watching our vision of hair and makeup for you come to life in front of the camera is inspiring and keeps us excited. We work hard to create a comfortable space that will make you feel sexy, relaxed and pampered.

From the moment you walk in, we hope you feel like you’re amongst girlfriends, because GIRL…we are going to make you look amazing. You don’t have to know how to do anything, we will take your hand and walk you through everything. Every hair toss. Every pose, every lift of your lashes.

We can promise you that you will leave with a double dose of confidence and empowerment and when you see your photos you’re going to be amazed.

That’s the power of friendship; being there to lift each other up and to support women. To look at your beautiful friend and say “you’ve got this”. We get calls all the time that start “You took my friends photos, and now I need a session for myself because I want to look like that!”. 

Are you ready for your transformation? 

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