Livin’ La Vida Loca| Nashville Boudoir Style

Alright, people… Pull up a chair and let’s chat about how a little photoshoot by @isaacanthony of a not-so-little-someone named @ricky_martin for @SchonMagazine is your sign to get up, get sassy, and smash the patriarchy with your own hot little boudoir session.

Decades as a superstar, Martin has done tons of photoshoots, but this one is special. Free from busy backgrounds or props, they collect black and white portraits and some color, where Martin is set solo against a solid grey backdrop.

 All the attention is on Martin, and knowing this, they carefully chose his wardrobe to highlight sexy parts of his personality and showcase his body, as it is, right now. Is he naked? However, just like this shoot, a boudoir session doesn’t have to be nude; it just has to have one single focus:


A sex symbol for both men and women for generations, Martin does what everyone woman who walks into my studio should do: embrace their body. On display is Martins’ pure white beard, and lady… we are here for that. His age, the changes in his body are *still* make him a badass libido boss, and I’m here to tell you: it’s the same for you. 

Don’t hide those sexy strands of silver running through your hair if you don’t want to. Your body has lived a life; it’s seen some things, right mama? It’s got bumps and curves and age, and it’s still beautiful.

Martin used layers and carefully chosen textures in his wardrobe to create a story, to build his aesthetic. His jean, unzipped and over thick leather boots: pure sexy and so easy. Sometimes, especially as women, we often think we have to ‘dress things up.’ Our home, ourselves, to be ‘pretty. This just isn’t the case. As Martin demonstrates, you, a pair of denim jeans that make your butt look cute, and the right look in your eyes in boudoir and portrait perfection.

Now, let’s talk leather. Martin uses certain leather accents to convey what is often referred to in the kink world as a ‘Leather Daddy’ vibe. Whether you practice a kink lifestyle or not, a boudoir session is also about bringing to life your inner fantasies and letting your imagination soar.

 Some clients have loved experimenting with leather or ropes in small bondage scenes. Within the safe space of our studio, you have the opportunity to as bold and daring as you like. Boudoir can help you step out of your comfort zone in an adventurous but safe way.

Boudoir sessions are personal. Tattoos can be an intimate glimpse into what matters to you while also being sexy. In of the frames Martin is dancing, there’s an element of soft whimsy with a side of ‘I’d like to bend you over,’ and it’s that corner of “I get to be who I am, the age I am, the shape I am” and “I’m still sexy enough to make your panties drop” that smashes the patriarchy.

Martin doesn’t have to play by any rules but his own, and guess what…? As a boss boudoir babe: neither do you. So grab those favorite jeans, your favorite leather jacket, and let’s live that la Vida Loca, boudoir style.

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