Ms C’s Nashville Boudoir Experience

How did you hear about Holly Douglas Boudoir? Facebook group

Why did you choose Holly Douglas Boudoir for your session? Her pictures are breath taking and she was so much fun

What made you decided to take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session? I wanted to do one because I knew it would be fun. Sometimes I doubt the way I look I know crazy but after a baby and not being as small as your used to is weird. I also wanted to do some for my husband as a. Wedding gift.

Were you nervous about the shoot beforehand? If so, what were you most nervous about? I was a bit nervous. But as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted and i felt at ease right away. I think what I felt most nervous about was that I was not sure how to put some of the pieces on. I walked out in the nude and said help and they helped put it on.

Did you become more comfortable after the session started? If so, what helped to relax your nerves? We laughed and cut up the whole time is what made me relaxed.

What was your favorite part of the experience and why? I loved everything. But my favorite part would be seeing my pictures.

How did you feel during your session? I felt on top of the world! I felt fearless as well as confident and full of joy, laughter. Because of having a great time.

Describe how you felt when you saw your images for the first time. I was amazed. I couldn’t pick a favorite because we’ll all of them I loved.

How has your relationship with your body changed since your session? I feel like I love my body before but now I am like of yes I can wear different things that may have been out of my comfort zone before. I feel I am beautiful and should take chances.

What would you say to people who say they can’t do a boudoir session because they are too shy, nervous, etc? Just do it ! You won’t regret it. Holly and her team take care of everything and make you feel at home.

Anything else you’d like to add? I absolutely loved doing this. I can’t wait for my husband to see them. Trying to explain how good you feel and look in the pics is way harder. But then I know when I get my pics back he will be able to tell how fierce I felt and how good it felt to do the shoot!

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