Ms T’s Nashville Boudoir Experience

It’s one thing for me to sit here and tell you all the whys you need boudoir in your life. It’s completely different when you hear it from someone who was just like you. Scared shitless of what boudoir is and if it would be right for her. The answer to that questions is HELL YES!!!

Here’s what she had to say about her journey

“Last week I did a thing. A thing I’d been wanting to do for 10 years but never felt worthy of it.I had a Luxury Boudoir Shoot with Holly.It took me two glasses of wine to even get up the nerve to book the appointment. And once it was booked I knew I couldn’t back out.I intentionally scheduled the session for three months out. My plan was to lose 25 pounds, tone up some areas and find the perfect outfits. Maybe my relationship would be in a better place. Maybe I’d be more confident in my physical self…so many things to do in those three months to make this a great experience.Over the three months I had several conversations, texts and emails with Holly. Each time I’d come away from our chats re-energized. Excited. Confident. And the next day I’d struggle with the feelings of doubt and have to really make an effort to stay motivated.The night before the shoot I cried. I cried because none of the things I’d wanted to do in the three months leading up to the session happened. Didn’t lose the weight. Didn’t tone up. The process of finding the perfect outfit made me stressed and even less confident because I didn’t like the way anything looked on me. My relationship was even less enjoyable.On the day of the shoot I sat in my car in front of Holly’s place and wanted to throw up. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind I would be the first client Holly ever had that she couldn’t make look beautiful. I won’t lie, I was NERVOUS.I’m sure Holly felt the awkwardness the minute the doors opened. But after a few minutes with her something happened. I forgot to be nervous. I found more confidence as the shoot went on. THANK GOODNESS the shower shots were at the end of the session. If they were the first ones she took I’d have pictures of me showering fully clothed.Without me even realizing it Holly had put me at ease. I instantly trusted her. It was a safe, judgement free zone. She knows the angles, the best things to say to make you laugh.I was in a little shock during the reveal. I just couldn’t believe I was looking at myself.This experience was nothing less than transformative. I felt empowered, sexy and strong. Holly kept telling me how amazing I LOOKED. What she couldn’t see was how amazing I FELT. And now I’m excited again. Excited to see the images. Excited to show them to anyone who’ll look.I’m SO glad I went through with the shoot. In thinking back I’m glad I waited a decade. I MUST have been waiting for Holly to find me.Some advice if you haven’t pulled the trigger on your shoot…DO IT NOW! Oh, and don’t try to pull the panties out of your butt…she’ll only stick ‘em back up there.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” . Ms T

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