My crazy Boudoir journey from start to now & why it heals my soul | HDB Ambassador search

Over a year ago I signed up for a model call with Holly Douglas Boudoir Studio on a whim, why not I thought. The morning of my shoot came, my anxiety was absolutely off the charts!

I walked into her studio a hot mess, confessed every body flaw I have to her, & why she probably didn’t want to shoot with me ( yes, I can be overly dramatic at times ). Holly didn’t judge me, she listened, wiped my tears away, & said your flaws don’t define you or what beauty is, now let’s get you into hair, makeup, & play in the wardrobe. Stretch marks, cellulite, not so perky boobs & she still wanted to shoot with me, I was perplexed lol, but we did the shoot. It was absolutely one of the best experiences, you just kinda open up & lose yourself in it organically.

I still didn’t expect to like any of the images, however at the image reveal, I had trouble narrowing them down. I was flooded with emotions seeing my pictures, it was definitely life changing. After my shoot I wanted to get more involved with Boudoir & helping empower other women. I fell in love with the mission that Holly Douglas Boudoir Studio was on & what she stood for. I love sharing my images & showing others that you don’t have an Instagram body, be a model, or certain size. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE YOU! To me that is why Boudoir is one of the most beautiful art forms.

I love getting messages from women who have upcoming sessions or are curious about doing a session & have questions. Boudoir doesn’t discriminate against age, size, color, ability, gender, religion, politics, or sexual orientation! That’s why I’m so passionate about Boudoir & hope to continue my Ambassador journey.

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