Nashville Boudoir and Lingerie | Ms M’s Self Love Journey

How did you hear about Holly Douglas Boudoir? Google

Why did you choose Holly Douglas Boudoir for your session? The images on her website were amazing!

What made you decided to take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session? I have lost 35 pounds and wanted to do something that made me feel good about myself but also for my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary.

Were you nervous about the shoot beforehand? If so, what were you most nervous about? I was nervous about being able to pose correctly.

Did you become more comfortable after the session started? If so, what helped to relax your nerves? The session was extremely comfortable and my nerves went away immediately. I had no issues and Holly did an amazing job telling me how to pose.

What was your favorite part of the experience and why? I don’t think I can pick one favorite part! Every part was great in its own way.

How did you feel during your session? I felt relaxed and happy. I thoroughly enjoyed the session

Describe how you felt when you saw your images for the first time. I was floored that the images looked so good. Not only the images, but that I could look at images of myself with minimal to no clothes on and be happy with my body. I’ve never been able to do that before.

How has your relationship with your body changed since your session? I just had my session a few days ago but I am much more proud of my body

What would you say to people who say they can’t do a boudoir session because they are too shy, nervous, etc? Honestly there is no reason for nerves – Holly makes you feel so comfortable.

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