Okay..I’m naked. Like, really naked.

Your thoughts:

There is a crazy woman behind me freaking out and saying something about gorgeous light and my neckbones (??)…but I’m pretty sure this is gonna be awful. Like, how many good angles can there possibly be on a naked body? Don’t I look weird with my chin touching my body? That can’t be sexy…

My thoughts:

Juuuuust trust me. Time and time again…the truth is, that I don’t see you the way YOU see you. Don’t let the version of you that you see in your bathroom mirror (with those gorgeous fluorescent lightbulbs) stop you from this experience, because it’s not the woman who will show up in your portraits. I just see you differently.

I see endless possibility, the way the light falls down your shoulders, how your curves carve out the shadows. I see the woman that you are convinced does not exist–the beautiful force of nature with infinite potential. You were made for more–more than you ever dreamed or planned for. A boudoir experience with us is designed to show you what is possible, so that you can take it and run with it.

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