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Whether you realize it or not: women are creators.

We create homes for the people we love. Create and produce work that elevates our careers, our business, and sometimes even our boss.

Between multiple schedules and playdate calendars, making sure everyone’s needs are met while still creating space for our friends to spill their darkest secrets over a glass of wine or a coffee.

As badass creators, we often forget that a key component to taking care of others is first taking care of ourselves. We get by on minimal amounts of sleep as our responsibilities, loved ones, and workload stretch us to our limits, and while we usually bounce back, don’t we deserve a little more?

As creators and storytellers, we have curated a collection of props and pieces which personally reflect what makes us feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe.

Our Nashville Boudoir studio, and every element inside, has been personalized by us to empower women. From soft robes, fluffy white duvets, to extra comfortable couches and beds, our studio is a canvas that is ready to tell your story. 

What about permission? Lots of time, we feel like we need a reason or a special occasion to create something for ourselves, but that just isn’t true.

Every day that body gets out of bed and gets it all done with sass and class. You have the power to permit yourself to spoil yourself, to indulge in your beauty. You do not need to wait to be anything more than you are today.

Your beauty is your own special occasion, and we are here to capture it. Our studio is a passport to your own sensuality.

Our studio has been designed with great natural light in mind. Perfect for highlighting those curves and creating shadows of sexy mystery. It’s been carefully crafted to look as natural as it feels. Being sexy isn’t something that’s contrived: it’s genuine, authentic, and easy. Our space is one that you own from the moment you step into it.

If you’re the kind of woman, who is always making decisions and just wants a break from power. Deciding that you are ready to take time to relax, to be pampered and taken care of, then we have you.

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