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Slay your boudoir session…. and slay those inner demons while you’re at it, Sis. Leaving behind a bad relationship, especially if your partner was a narcissist, usually only means you’ve left the *person*, but their words stick around. They were carefully, even skillfully implanted, leaving behind the deepest of wounds – barbs that tore holes in your confidence, sense of worth, and your own understanding of your beauty.

Now, I’m not gonna’ claim I’m some kind of healer because the truth is I’m not: YOU ARE.

You already have everything you need to heal yourself; I’m just the person who can help guide you to the tools you need to dig out those malicious shards and replace them with confidence. 

A boudoir session helps you *see* you, and there’s a good chance you haven’t truly seen yourself, or even felt your worth, in far too long. Boudoir photography peels back the layers of negativity left there by others to expose your raw beauty.

One thing women often feel leaving abusive situations or a partner is a loss of power. We often give so much of ourselves, whether it’s to a toxic job or a spouse; we’ve bent over backward giving everything we have to them to make them happy, only to get nothing in return. 

A boudoir session is a fantastic way to give back to yourself. Yes, babe, you read that right. Stop giving away your magic to people who wizard it away, leaving you empty. For once, give every ounce of your effort to yourself. I can promise you; it’ll be the best investment you ever made.

We are not what we have lived through. We’re not a collection of harsh words and self-doubt pressed into flesh. And we are not sadness and anger and disappointment; these are things we feel or even things we are made to feel by the world around us. But, we are not those things.

We are beautiful and sassy. We are the answer to questions of self-worth that hang in the air, and we can, we *will* answer them in the affirmative because we are NOT CHALLENGES WE HAVE FACED: we are how we respond to them.

You can rise from the ashes of the dumpster fire that was the last year, your last job, your last relationship, or even your last struggle with a chronic illness, and you can hold your head up with stunning grace. 

March into my studio, and I will show you the warrior you are. Our professional hair and make-up team will use their brushes and curling wands to reveal the goddess who has been there all along, working in the background to help you make it through it all.  

We can meet self-doubt with empathy for ourselves. We can match the demons and the daggers of insults with our shoulders back, and our bold booty popped out. Becoming a boudoir bae means loving yourself most powerfully and watching that self-love come alive in your portraits, and we’re totally here for that.

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