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Can I get a show of hands? ✋

How many of you have thought about a boudoir session, but never reached out because your body insecurities have held you back?

How many of you reached out, came sooo close to booking, but felt like you weren’t in good enough shape/skinny enough so you didn’t pull the trigger? 😭

How many of you worry that you aren’t cut out for boudoir because you have dimples/rolls/a c-section or mama belly/wrinkles/fill- in-the-blank? 🤯

I just want you to know–any feelings or concerns you ever have about yourself or this experience is seen and heard. I never want to invalidate your feelings.

But…are you exhausted? Tired of letting feelings about your body hold you back from some of life’s most beautiful experiences? Weary from picking yourself apart every dang chance you get? I want to show you a better way. I want you to see the truth that even with dimples and bumps and lumps and rolls–you are hot AF.

Love— Boudoir isn’t *JUST* for washboard abs and a booty you could bounce a quarter off of (though they are beautiful too).

Sure, I could body alter the heck out of you–photoshop you to perfection, take away every part of you that you hate, instantly drop you 4 pant sizes. But what happens when the next day, you look in the mirror, and the REAL you is staring back at you? You’d be back at square one–because you wouldn’t have learned to value, love, and celebrate the person you ARE. Photoshop is a band- aid, but it’s not going to heal what is broken.

Boudoir is so much less about the pictures, and so much MORE about internal transformation. It’s about you just showing up, celebrating who you are TODAY, and giving yourself some room to breathe and grow.

Stop telling yourself that you are only going to love yourself if you don’t have rolls–that you will only be beautiful in a photograph if you are photoshopped or airbrushed.

It isn’t true, so don’t accept it as such. Your worth is defined by whatever YOU say it is–shift the narrative. Self love is a CHOICE– make the right one. 🖤

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