There Is A Season For Everything…. This One is Happy | Nashville Boudoir

As we round the corner to a new season, there’s always talk of wanting or needing to be ‘new’ or have some kind of mass cleansing of your home, your wardrobe, or your life so that you can achieve some higher level of personal or professional success. 

While that might be true or helpful for some because, for sure, goal setting can be great, it can also be a drag as for many of us (especially of the feminine persuasion), it often means more pressure to perform. It often translates into new pins involving images of spotless homes, spotless minds, and tighter waists in bikinis.

Ladies… DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE. Screw the new… just do you.

Let’s be rebels. Let’s stand in the face of generations of women who caved under the weight of social expectations, often drowning in self-doubt and extra layers at the beach, and let those beautiful (touching) thick thighs fly and instead of cleaning out,’ why not try gratitude and manifesting.

The power of manifesting a life of abundance and love doesn’t actually lie in what you *want* but rather in the gratitude for what you have right now. Think about it this way, if you picture in your mind the ‘perfect beach body,’ what are your emotions that follow subconsciously? 

For most of us, we’re immediately wondering how many sit-ups we have to do or calories we need to skip to make that (falsely socially informed) beauty ideal come to life, and we are probably filled with lack. For a dozen (probably false) reasons, we subconsciously tell our mind that we aren’t ‘perfect’ yet. 

This doubt, this belief that we’re not (yet) pretty enough or young enough or that we need to do something to achieve a place where we would want to do a boudoir session is absolutely a lie. Girl… knock it off.

Now, what if you change that narrative?

Go with me here and try this instead, say to yourself, “What if I am already beautiful, and adored, and gorgeous? What if my thick thighs and wild eyes and a messy bun are enough to drive the person I love absolutely wild?” How does that feel?

The human brain is a wondrous thing, and when you ask it a question, it will automatically fill in the blanks. So when you manifest through a question – “What if I am already gorgeous?” – Your mind wants to fill in the rest of the answer with positive affirmations: your brain will tell you that you ARE gorgeous. Affirmations are a great way to live in gratitude, which is the next best way to manifest what you want in life: by being grateful.

This is where boudoir comes in, busting down the doors of lack and replacing self-doubt with the proof that YES…. YOU ARE, indeed, beautiful, adored, and gorgeous.  Capturing messy buns and thick thighs looking like a luscious snack is the exact kind of badassery I excel at. Amazing boudoir portraits are a scientific way to prove to yourself that you have every reason to be grateful for the body you have right here, right now, in this season… and girl, you should be grateful for it and celebrate it. This year, what if the ‘new’ is a space of empowerment and confidence, and of course, a sexy canvas hanging in your bedroom is a great way to manifest all kinds of happy things. So let’s do it, let’s get happy!

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