Trying to decide if a Nashville boudoir experience is right for you?

Oh, hey! I see you over there—sitting on the fence— trying to decide if a Nashville boudoir experience is right for you. While you are mulling it over, I want to drop a few truth bombs your way:

1. Do it for you. Whether or not you have a significant other, a boudoir experience should be for you, first and foremost. This is a very special experience designed to celebrate the woman you are–your accomplishments, the spaces you need to heal, and a golden opportunity for you to reconnect with the side of you that you think you’ve lost.

2. You do not need to change. You are ready for this experience just as you are. You don’t need to lose weight, get Botox, or get surgery first. You are beautiful NOW, you are worthy now, and you are deserving of this now.

3. You won’t be the one. So often, potential clients make the comment that they will be the one person I can’t “make” beautiful. Here’s the thing babe: I don’t MAKE anyone beautiful. My general rule is that I don’t Photoshop anything permanent on your body. Photoshop does WAY more harm than good. I don’t want you to see your final images and think “Oh I look beautiful because she photoshopped me.” I want you to see your images and see YOU. I have never photographed a professional model. All of the women you see on this page are REAL women–and they all had insecurities/fears just like you do. My expertise really shines in dynamite posing/lighting/coaching of expressions (this is why you can’t hire just ANYONE to shoot this).

If you want more information on the boudoir experiences we offer, drop your email in the comments 👇 or shoot me a text at 615 235 5618 and I will reach out to start the conversation!

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