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June is Pride Month, and here at the studio, we are here for it. We’re all about being your best self, women’s empowerment, and supporting whatever way you need. But we wanted to take a moment to talk about why we believe that inclusivity is important here and why it’s a part of our brand.

This is a Safe Space

It does not matter how you identify, Holly Douglas Boudoir is a safe space to express your sexuality, your individuality, and your freedom of expression, butt naked or not! We’re here for any concerns, questions, or guidance. No question is too weird, too out there; we’ve heard it all, and we’re here for you in a professional and supportive manner.

We Respect Your Pronouns

Please let us know what your preferred pronouns are. Even if you have been to the studio before and have made some life changes, we want to know! It’s our goal to make you look and feel beautiful, and we believe names are powerful.

We Welcome Couples of All Sorts

However you identify as a couple is your business, and we’re in the business of showing you how beautiful you are as a couple. While we’re not asking you to divulge anything deeply personal, we ask that you share a bit about your feelings, so we understand what is most important to you to show through the photos. We can highlight intimacy, passion, loving touch, play, and we’ll lead you through the right poses and looks.

Boudoir Has No Age Limits

Love knows no age, no gender, and there is no time limit on sexy. We really believe that, so why do so many people think, “Oh, I’m too old to do that?”. Hell no, you are NOT too old. If you’ve got love in your heart, then you’re still kicking, and we want to kick with you and show off whatcha got. We can lead you through a sexy and empowering session that goes as far as you want it to.  We promise you’re going to look at these photos and go DAMN!

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