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So when I started modeling, I started with high fashion/editorial work. And I loved that, I still do. But boudoir photography has given me an opportunity to…

#1 challenge myself by forcing me to learn my own body. Posing, facial expressions, how to make a shot look good without clothes or accessories or in my case, hair!

#2 Meet and become friends some of the sweetest boss babes I know: other models, photographers, makeup artists, designers, lingerie store owners, etc.

And #3 to fall in love with the woman I am. I struggle almost every day with trying to accept myself the way that I look right now.

So many people tell me that they’d love to have my body and I have the ideal figure because I’m skinny, etc etc. But most days, I don’t see what they see. I see the stretch marks, all my scars, my uneven hips, how my chest looks too wide, my body hair, the weight I’ve gained in my face and stomach the past few months. And sometimes I hate what I see when I stand naked in the mirror. I compare myself to the girls on social media with either the tiny waists and flawless skin or curves in “all the right places” and thousands of followers and constantly ask myself why I don’t look like them.

But whenever I do boudoir shoots, I’m always in awe of the photos I receive and feel bad for beating myself up because I realize I’m beautiful just the way I am. I can be skinny and bald and have stretch marks and body hair and still look like a goddess!

Boudoir photography is for every woman, of any size, of any color, from any and every walk of life. The moms, the wives, the business owners, the women that strive to make a better life for themselves, all of us. We all deserve to fall in love with ourselves! 

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