When you begin to intentionally and consciously do more for yourself | Nashville Boudoir

I preach a lot in this group about putting yourself first and treating yourself. YES I think this is crazy important, and today I want to dig just a bit deeper and tell you about the incredible benefits you will reap from doing this.

When you begin to intentionally and consciously do more for yourself, you will begin to build an authentic “self” that is more confident than you could ever imagine. It’s a completely beautiful domino affect: you do more for yourself –> you find out who you truly are –> you become exponentially happier –> you attract the RIGHT people, things, opportunities into your life –> you are more confident to say NO to the WRONG things for your life because you VALUE yourself. Over time, you will begin to teach others how to treat you, based on your ability to treat yourself correctly.

Is it easier said than done? NO. We like to complicate things that are unfamiliar or that scare us, but I promise you, even starting small can have a BIG impact. I get emails weekly that say something like this: “Oh my gosh this all sounds amazing! I’m totally going to contact you when I get engaged/married/get a significant other.” Please, hear me, a boudoir experience with us should be for no one other than YOU. Gifting or sharing your images with anyone else is a great idea and I don’t discourage it, but the heart of the reason that you book should be to do something nice for YOURSELF because you are DESERVING of an experience that will add value to your life. If you are trying to book a shoot just because he/she wants you to, I unfortunately am unable to photograph you–because I love you enough to know that I don’t want you to have a compromised experience.

The women I love to photograph are hungry for MORE in their life, they want to feel sexy/confident/worthy..and even if they may not feel that way YET–they trust the process and are ready to go ALL IN.

I guarantee you, the hardest part is reaching out to me. Once you are in front of me, you will wonder why you were ever nervous or put this off. Let go of your excuses and stop telling yourself you CAN’T. That word ain’t in our vocabulary!

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