Why Is Boudoir Photography So Popular?

Recently, you may have noticed more and more ladies treating themselves to boudoir sessions. Although the trend started in the 1920s, it has become even more popular in the last 10 years. But why, you ask? Below is a list of reasons why most of our clients have decided to have their own experience.

1- You feel like a celebrity for a day

When you think of a photo shoot, a few things come to mind. Hair and makeup, lighting, and a clicking camera to name a few. All of those things are included at our studio as well as wardrobe and a post-shoot massage. Not only do you spend the day being pampered and taken care of, you also have photos to come home with documenting your personal experience.

2- Anyone can look like a model

The hair and makeup artist will accentuate your facial features to make sure you still look like YOU, while the photographer will tell you exactly how to turn your hips and arch your back to show off those oh-so-sexy curves. Their expertise will guarantee the most flattering pictures you’ve ever seen of yourself.

3- Makes a great gift

There are many reasons to schedule an experience of your own, including celebrating yourself. Maybe you got a job promotion, beat cancer, reached your goal weight, want to document a time in your life or need a self-esteem boost…no matter the reason, boudoir is an excellent option. Others may have a session to gift their partner a sexy memento or keepsake for their anniversary or upcoming nuptials.

4- Boudoir is now more accessible

With more and more photographers dipping their toes into the boudoir world, there are now more opportunities to have your very own session and be able to choose your preferred style. Some like a moody and dark aesthetic while others prefer a lighter, airy feel. Social media has helped trend this art form, showing that every woman can transform into the sultry vixen they’ve always known was within, no matter the age, shape, size or color.

5- Not just a photo shoot, it’s a feeling

Just about every client walks into the studio feeling nervous and maybe a bit hesitant. After all, you are about to get half-naked in front of a complete stranger and then let them take your picture (gasp!). However, upon seeing your photos, you suddenly have a new appreciation for your body and what it is capable of, triggering that confidence boost you sought when first booking the experience. You suddenly have a sense of empowerment and walk with your head a little higher that day. You finally see how others see you…as the beautiful and sexy woman that you are!

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