You Are Hot Girl EVERYTHING | Nashville Boudoir

The idea that we’re only “hot” or desirable during a certain season is something women often carry into their lives for the long haul. Have you ever heard someone say, “hot girl post-partum”? Probably not, but *why* not? 

If you’re a pregnant mama or someone who just gave birth to your baby, you might not realize it, but you’re absolutely glowing. As women, we put our bodies through so many changes and so much growth, and the truth is that we do not need to wait for someone to validate our beauty. We are beautiful in every season of our lives, and we should be celebrating that.

Hot girl bride-to-be is a fantastic way to put that new hair, those fancy nails, and that cute lingerie you got at your bridal shower to work. It’s an amazing way to own that space between a single woman and a blushing bride. A boudoir session is a fantastic way to tell the story of your body as it moves through the different chapters of your life. 

Whether it’s hitting a milestone birthday, or coming back from surgery, or even a difficult breakup, a boudoir session is a perfect way to help you own your space, lift your chin, and say, “Hell yes, I’m gorgeous.” Think of your boudoir portraits as a hall pass right out of the most difficult corridor of your life. 

 Of course, it can be hard to remember just how amazing you are when you’re knee-deep in work emails, laundry, and adulting. That’s where having those boudoir portraits come in. They are a daily reminder, either as your screensaver, in an album next to your bed, or as a giant canvas hanging in your bedroom – they could be just the shot of empowerment you need to remind you of just how beautiful you are.

A boudoir session in our Nashville studio is more than just an afternoon of pampering and boundary-pushing fun, it’s a license to be a badass babe, and literally, everyone needs one of those at least once in their life. Call us when you’re ready, and we’ll have you prepped and ready for you! 

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