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You know that day where you wake up, and everything just feels on point, from your confidence to that perfect hair?  That day where, out of the blue, you woke up and your inner fire was already lit, and you’re 90% siren and 10% girl-of-your-dreams gorgeous, and all you did was roll out of bed? 

THAT is the ideal time to take a moment and snag your picture-perfect sexy-selfie, and we’ve got some tools of the trade for your sensual-selfie arsenal.

Get Lit

When it comes to creating stunning images, light is either your best friend or your worst enemy. Stand under the light, and you can give yourself a bold set of raccoon eyes. Not a good look!

Instead, try to position yourself so that that the light comes from a broad open source like a window highlights your face, or creates a soft subtle shadow while making sure that it catches your eyes.

Are you struggling to find the perfect window or doorway?  The good news is that as mother earth starts to turns her back to the sun about 1-2 hours before sunset, creating a phenomenon where ‘golden hour’ begins. This natural, burnt orange light will make your eyes sparkle and create a buttery-smooth glow around your face. So, grab that cellphone and get ready to glow-up, babe!

Check it Back

There is no such thing as a sexy pic with the edge of your toilet tank creeping into the frame. Neither is catching the backside of your roommate in the background: so be aware of your surroundings. Flop down in the middle of your bed, framed by soft blankets and fluffy pillows, and hit that hot booty-pop pose where you are the center of your selfie without any distractions.

Curves Matter

Once you’re comfortable, try folding your arms in angles that reveal parts of you, or hold the camera up shooting down to elongate your curves. Find your ‘best side’ and hold the camera just above your forehead so you’re slightly looking up and bam: curvy precision.

We’re masters at using flattering angles to tell the story of your body, but you can snag that selfie if you watch for those delicate changes to your hips or shoulders to bring out your best!

Wear it or Bare it

Eyes are sexy, pouty lips (close that shutter just as you breathe out for perfection), and some plump cleavage are sexy-selfie must-haves. So what to wear? The V-neck of your favorite t-shirt,  the edges of a white robe framing your face, or a button-down shirt which skims the top of your thighs, unbuttoned to reveal some skin are always winners.

Lingerie is fun; however, its peek-a-boo nature can be hard to work with, so keep that set aside for your boudoir session! Our Nashville boudoir studio is perfectly appointed for your session from props to perfect lighting and posing. We hold your hand every step of the way. 

Of course, the true secret to amazing boudoir photography is that you don’t need to wait for a day that feels perfect because we’re good at creating them. Storytellers of you, we’re expertly skilled at posing that ass that don’t stop in an empowering environment where you feel relaxed, and we can put your years of experience to work for you.

Let’s graduate that sexy selfie with a boudoir session!

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